Harlequin Flower Beetle (Gymnetis thula) is the only flower beetle species of the Genus Gymnetis found in the U.S. It is the species previously known as Gymnetis caseyi Antoine, 2001, which no longer a valid name per Brett C. Ratcliffe (2018). Sold as a set of five larvae (L1~L3 larvae). An average time it takes to reach adulthood is about 6 months! Very easy, fascinating color, reproduce a lot! Best species ever for beginners! 


A small amount of substrate (food) will be packaged with your larvae, so you can prepare their extra food, OR you can purchase our ready-to-feed premium Beetle Substrate from us!


Beetle larvae molt from L1 to L2, another molt from L2 to L3, then become pupae. Then next is adult beetles as in picture.


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Harlequin Flower Beetle Larvae (Set of 3 Larvae)