Goliath beetles (Goliathus goliatus) are among the largest and heaviest insects on the planet.

*Goliath Beetles are now legalized to rear, trade, transport between the U.S. states.

Pair Number. 12

Male size 82mm 

female size- free


*Special thanks to Steven Barney's endless effort to deregulate Goliathus beetle in US. No regulation trading in between states and keeping this amazing beetle.


Lowest temperature in your region must exceed 45˚F.

you can still order, but we will hold your order for prime temperature to ship them.


For buyer's note-important

This is freshly emerged and inactive beetles. please check if they are alive upon arrival. please keep them from being in stress environment. do not handle them while they are inactive this can give lots of stress and lead to death. check periodically to check if they are flipped (flip the beetle back) or any sign visible that they may be active soon. Once they pee white fluid usually means they will become active within few weeks. One week after visible white fluid -At this time you can introduce to feeding. once they eat alot give them about two weeks seperately before mating the pair.

Also make sure they are in good himidity level and temperature.

(some moist (not dripping wet), and room temperature is good enough)



  • Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) is for Next Day Shipping ONLY. All insects are shipped via 1-3 Day Priority in default. Please inquire us for the Next Day shipping.
  • Shipment of live beetles will be sent out separately from other non-living items to be safely packaged and be arrived in time.

Goliathus goliatus pair No.12