Cheongam Insect Jelly


Ingredient: Crude Protein 2.00%, Crude Fat 0.005%, Crude Fiber 1.00%, Crude Ash 1.00%, Phosphorus 5.00%, Calcium 28.00%

Manufacturer: Cheongam School (South Korea) (pronunciation: cheong-am School)


What’s so special about this jelly?

1. Easily removable, but very durable packing seal!

You can easily remove it, but the seal won’t break off so easily


2. Less liquid, strong jelly, less mess on your substrate!

When you have jellies full of liquid or containing small amount of gelatin, while your beetles feed on it he/she will make a mess. But, NO! This jelly will not!


3. Jellies made by teachers of Cheongam Special School for crowdfunding!

Not by profit-making organization! Jellies have been used and proven to be good by many insect enthusiasts and pet store owners in South Korea!



Beetle Jelly