What is the Beetle Substrate?
1. It is a food for your beetle larvae!

2. It is a bedding for your adult beetles!

3. It is a bedding and housing for your young beetle eggs and larvae! Adult female lay eggs in here!


Handmade premium substrate!

Made out of 100% white oak wood substrate.

This substrate is made to rear rhinoceros and stag beetle larvae.

It contains good additives for promoting extra growth.

You may also use this to keep adult beetles and a bedding required for reproduction of female adult beetles.


Volume Options

1. [Small] is shipped in USPS Medium Flat Rate Box. It is about 1.1 Gallon.

2. [Medium] is shipped in USPS Medium Flat Rate Box. It is about 2.2 Gallon.

3. [Large] is shipped in USPS Large Flat Rate Box. It is about 3.4 Gallon.



If you don't plan on using newly purchased substrate within couple weeks, you must store them in a right ways:

Method 1: Freeze the substrate, and just unfreeze it a day before replacing old substrate. Make sure the substrate’s temperature is similar to your room temperature.

Method 2: Take substrate out of the bag, and pour it into a container that has small holes (large holes can attract pest infestation). Stir and mix it around once upon a time to aerate it to prevent molds.



This item includes postage, and will be shipped out separately from any other items.

Beetle Substrate